What Clean Communication Is Not

Clean communication is a philosophy that asks you to be honest with yourself and others. Its practice creates an impulse, an energy, a reason, for you to be accountable. It is important to note, however, that clean communication and compassionate communication are not the same thing. You can be cleanly communicating and not be compassionate, or polite, or any other number of things. In fact, clean communication can be downright hostile.

Clean communication frees one from being polite and/or nice, which is often a good thing, as being polite and nice is nearly always a form of dirty communication. But, that freedom can also lead to aggressive and destructive forms of communication.

So, while the philosophy of clean communication gives us reasons to communicate, that communication still may not be in line with our values we choose to practice. Which means that clean communication is only one piece of the Big Communication and Compassion Puzzle. Other tools, such as Non-Violent Communication, can help one bring their thoughts and actions more in line with their values.

Not every problem can be solved with ease – attitudes and methods are often different, and magic wands are hard to come by. What can be done - at the very least - is to have a healthy conversation about the differences and create a plan to do something differently.

The alternative is to hold on to the anxiety and problem, and ultimately, no one wants that.